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Acute oral toxicity study of a polyherbal formulation immunofree in wistar albino rats

Mr. Puneet MittalMittal Global Clinical Trial Services Dr. Amit Kumar PalInstitute for Industrial Research & Toxicology Sonakshi ChaudharyMittal Global Clinical Trial Services Dr. Abhijit MunshiMittal Global Clinical Trial Services

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

The acute oral toxicity study of Immunofree tablets was done on wistar albino rat species. The study was done under the OECD Guideline-423. The healthy wistar albino rats of body weight 190±20 gm were selected for the study after acclimatization to standard laboratory conditions and were divided into test compound three animals. COVID-19 affects the respiratory tract. It causes flu in the initial stage while severe pneumonia and breathlessness in late stages. The Immunofree tablet or the test product is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and is a combination of the polyherbal mixture. The components of this formulation are known for their anti-viral and immunomodulatory effects.   Keywords: Acclimatization, Antiviral, Ayurvedic, COVID-19, Immunofree, Immunomodulatory, OECD Guideline, Polyherbal, Toxicity, Wistar Albino Rat