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Traffic Light Reporter for Genome Engineering

Kawalpreet K Aneja

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

Gene editing depends upon the cell’s endogenous DNA repair pathways. Upon DNA double-strand break, two known repair path-ways are enacted: nonhomologous end-joining (NHEJ) and ho-mologous recombination (HDR), among others. The HDR pathway works only in the presence of an exogenous homologous template. Is it possible to determine which pathway is activated in a cell af-ter gene disruption (GD)? Is it NHEJ or HDR? Certo., et al. 2011 [1] published an article on the Traffic Light Reporter (TLR) that can distinguish between NHEJ and HR events. Traffic light reporter system is designed such that cells generate flow-cytometric read-out of HDR-mediated gene targeting or mutagenic NHEJ-mediated gene disruption occurring at an individual DNA breakpoint, which is extremely exciting