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Exploration of New Pathways in Oncology

Simon Raymond

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

ACTA SCIENTIFIC MICROBIOLOGY (ISSN: 2581-3226) Volume 3 Issue 9 September 2020Exploration of New Pathways in OncologySimon Raymond*Alumnus, Melbourne University, Australia*Corresponding Author: Simon Raymond, Alumnus, Melbourne University, Australia.Short CommunicationReceived: July 11, 2020Published: August 26, 2020© All rights are reserved by Simon Raymond.To date, immunization has consisted of two principle pathways: (1) replication of infective agent; (2) enhancement of immune function. Given the lack of Success of the two current pathways, the current researcher (author) has conceptualised (developed) the new, or third, pathway of site attachment inhibition. The meth-odology surrounding site attachment inhibition therapeutics has been discussed in previous lectures [1-9]. It involves both medi-cation based treatment of established infections and preventative immunization (new generation; stem cell therapy based). New generation immunization involves stem cell therapy (in-cluding mutagenesis and knockout) of particular genetic targets such to achieve immunity (resistance) to infectious agents that is similar to what occurs with hereditary genetic variations/muta-tions