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Novel Solution for High Efficiency Bee Pollen Heat Pump Dryer

Nguyen Hay, Le Quang Huy and Vo Tan Phuong

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

The study was conducted to calculate, design, fabricate and test a bee pollen heat pump raking device assisted dryer with a yield of 10 kg/batch. The aim of mixing material is to increase the contact of pollen with drying air, thus, increasing heat exchange, drying efficiency and drying rate. Besides, it reduces energy consumption and increases product uniformity. Experimental planning was car-ried out to determine the influence of operating parameters of the drier on the quality of the dried bee pollen. A set of mathematical equations represents the dependence of electrical energy consumption of the drying process, vitamin C content in the dried pollen and product recovery rate on drying temperature and the raking cycle was determined. The result showed that, at the drying tem-perature of 38.40C and raking cycle of 10 minutes, the drier operates at optimal working condition with the minimum electrical en-ergy consumption Armin = 0.96 kWh/kg, maximum vitamin C content Cmax= 72.11% (256.7 mg/kg) and maximum product recovery rate Mmax = 75.46%