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A Preliminary Study on Desert Invertebrate Gut - A Metagenomic Evaluation of Bacteria Community

Tirza Doniger, Oksana Koryachenko, Chen Sherman and Yosef Steinberger

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

The microbiota of the digestive system have recently been at the heart of many studies. Most of these studies dealt with the hu-man digestive tract, e.g. the effect of different types of microbiota on physical and mental health. The objective of this study was to identify the bacterial and fungal populations in the digestive system of common desert invertebrates of different trophic levels. As a preliminary study, we collected four invertebrates that share the same habitat in a desert system in the northern Negev, Israel, over a period of one year. The organisms in which gastrointestinal microbiota were determined included Scorpio palmatus, Adesmia dilatata, Sphincherochila zonata and Hemilepistus reaumuri. Microbial diversity was determined by sequencing DNA harvested from their digestive system. Of a total of 32 orders of bacteria, 26 were present in S. maurus, 22 in S. zonata, 14 in A. dilitata and 8 in H. reaumuri. A significant difference in bacterial diversity was found between S. zonata and A. dilatata. The present study elucidates the importance of the feeding habitat and trophic structure to the microbiotic diversity of the digestive system.