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Determination of Carbondioxide and Methane Concentartions along Nworie River, Imo State, Nigeria

Verla Andrew Wirnkor, Anyanwu Ogechi and Verla Evelyn Ngozi C. C.

Journal Title:Science View Journal

This study investigated the concentration of carbondioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), temperature and relative humidity on wetlands along Nworie River in Owerri.Data were collected from field survey of six sampling points on the wetlands using handheld AZ 77535 CO2analyzer and JCB4 gas analyzers. The results showed maximum mean concentration of 703.71 ppm at point A and minimum mean concentration of 676.27 ppm at point E for CO2; maximum mean concentration of 0.17 ppm and minimum of 0.16 ppm for CH4at 27.91 oC mean temperature and 88.37 % mean relative humidity. Thesignificant concentration of ambient CO2and CH4foundat the sampling point could result from the high level of human activity on the wetlands along NworieRiver. The study recommends that Environmental Protection Agency could carry out regular monitoring of the level of green house gasesat the river and other rivers in Imo state to minimizecontributionsto global warming