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Extension of The Shelf Life of Locally Brewed Sorghum Beer Using VernoniaAmygdalina(Bitter Leaf) Extract

Uzomba N. I., Odu D. A., Ajah O., Uzomba C. N., Amaralam E. C., Nwaeze E. U. C.

Journal Title:Science View Journal

Locally brewed sorghum beer is an indigenous alcoholic beverage. It is produced mainly from sorghum grains(sorghumvulgare). The process of brewing involves malting, mashing,souring and fermentation. In this study, bitter leaf (Vernoniaamygdalina) extract was used as a means of extending the shelf life of locally brewed sorghum beerwhichhasshort shelf life.Chemicaland microbial analysis wascarried out using standard method. The result of the chemical analysisshows that the sample with hop (bitter leaf extract) has the total acidity of 0.56±0.030, fixed acidity 0.20±0.001, volatile acidity 0.36±0.020,pH 3.93, specific gravity 1.04±0.003, total dissolved solid 1.12x 105ppm, total suspended solid 1.65 x 105ppm and ethanol content 3.43±0.030while sorghum beer without hop has total acidity of 0.65±0.002, fixed acidity 0.18±0.002, volatile acidity0.48±0.030,pH 3.50, specific gravity 1.02±0.003, total dissolved solid 1.15x 105ppm, total suspended solid 1.5 x 105ppm and ethanol content 3.65±0.020. The microbial analysis for sorghum with hop had no growth of E. coliand Staphylococcus aureuswhile the sorghum beer without hop had growth of Staphylococcus aureusfrom the 2ndday. The result of this study revealed the hop prevented microbial growth which could cause spoilage and also enhanced the quality of the drink over time. This supportive evidence above in this study suggeststhat the aqueous extract of Vernoniaamgydalinacould be used to extend the shelf life of locally brewed sorghum beer