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Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders Encountered during the Covid-19-Pandemic-Strategies to Overcome and Nutritional Input to Boost Immunity

Kulvinder Kochar Kaur, Gautam Allahbadia and Mandeep Singh

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

e had reviewed on various aspects of COVID-19-disease from structure, presentation management, pregnancy and lactation, management of severe COVID-19-disease and effects on reproduc-tive system [1-5]. Here we have emphasized on the GIT involve-ment aspect, besides liver and implications on endoscopy practice worldwide in, COVID-19 era. Digestive symptoms including an-orexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (N, V, D) - frequently reported in patients with COVID-19-disease [CD]. SARS-CoV-2 RNA was first detected in stool of the 1st reported CD-19 case in the USA, who also presented with the digestive symptoms of (N, V, D). In the big-gest cohort-1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed CD-19 from 552 hospitals in China in January 2020, N, V, D were reported in 55 (5%) and 42 (3.8%) patients, respectively. Of the 204 patients with CD-19 and full investigations, 99 (48.5%) presented with digestive symptoms as main complaint. Patients with digestive symptoms had separate manifestations, like anorexia (83.8%), V, D and abdominal pain (0.4%). Digestive symptoms - might be pre-senting prior to respiratory symptoms, or only symptoms of CD-19