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Forest and Soil: An Intrinsic Relationship

Abhishek Raj

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

Forest is pure, virgin and largest natural resources that harbor variety of flora and fauna that intensify ecosystem services. There is a great synergy between forest and soils. Soil is not less; it is another largest natural resource which plays major role in vegeta-tional dynamics, structure, compositions and diversity. Soil sup-ports other natural resources like forests, humans, animals etc. and make sustainable ecosystem for better environment. Looking on an intrinsic relationship among forests and soils, many ques-tions revolve in my mind “How soil makes better forests?” Is there any synergy between forest and soil?” and “How both soil and for-est makes sustainable environment?” These questions triggered my soul. It is cent percent true that a great link exist between for-est and soil that enhance biodiversity which intensify ecosystem services and maintains soil-food-climate security for sustainable development