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How Reliable is Your Covid 19 Tests? Need to Validate and Verify Covid 19 Tests in the Laboratory Before Clinical Use

Amit Pruthi, Maneesh Baghi, Ashok Rattan and Sanjeev Vashishta

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

On the last day of last year, China informed World Health Organisation was a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, caused by a novel coronavirus, which was identified as SARS CoV 2 based on sequences of viral agent available by 10th January 2020 and RT PCR tests developed to identify this RNA virus. The disease caused by this virus was labelled as Covid 19. The rapid spread of this virus from China to all parts of the world including India, led this outbreak to be labelled as a pandemic.In January 2020, India had only one laboratory testing for Covid 19, at the Indian Council of Medical Research’s National Insti-tute of Virology, Pune. In Mid September, the testing facilities had been ramped upto 1700 laboratories, both in the government and private set up, across the country, performing molecular tests for diagnosis of Covid 19 - an unparallel achievement in the history of Indian health system