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Aquarium Fish: Study on Mycobacterial Infection

Seema S. Korde


The present paper reports on the mycobacterial infection in short of aquarium fishes. The mycobacterial infection of freshwater fish was first described as early as 1897 by Bataillon. Samples of tissue for culture examination were homogenized in a mortar, then centrifuged, treated using the HCl NaOH method. The growth of mycobacterial strains was monitored every 2 weeks for a periodic of two months. On the basis of biochemical methods, it was found that in the fish with granulomas which we examined, species of mycobacterium were also isolated from the fish tissue examined. From a pathogenic perspective, it is also important to note that the mycobacteria did not occur in the affiliated fish independently, but were always found together with other species of mycobacteria pathogenic for fish. It may therefore be assumed that they were not the main cause of disease in the fish, but may have appeared with the weakening for the organism or simply through accompanying mycobacterial contamination.